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WeSaveNeverland is an initiative of fans aimed at buying Michael Jackson’s ranch. It is well-known that the ranch has been owned by the American international investment firm Colony Capital for 11 years, following the transfer of ownership rights from Michael Jackson in 2008. Although Colony Capital has ensured that the ranch is well-maintained, it has not been open to Jackson’s fans throug all this time. The ranch has been on and off the real estate market for the past 4 years. The property was originally listed at $100 million in 2015. After a change in listing agents in 2017, the price dropped to $67 million as the initial asking price was too high. And now Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is back on the market for $31 million.

We, the founders of the WeSaveNeverland project believe that the ranch will soon find a new owner at this price. If Neverland becomes the home of a private person outside the fan community, we have to give up the dream that Neverland would be opened to visitors, and the gates will be closed on us. Even worse, there is a good chance that the new owner will transform the landscape, destroying the scenery that Michael Jackson created. It might also happen that the current owner decides to transform the once Disneyland-like ranch into an ordinary farm by demolishing the characteristic buildings, erasing all connection of the property to Michael Jackson, and possibly reconstructing the front gates so that they can sell it more easily. Sadly, the press events of the last few weeks and the release of the pseudo-documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ suggest that there is a realistic chance that it could happen.
Neverland Ranch is the only place on Earth that embodies Michael Jackson’s memory for us, his fans. We cannot let Neverland perish.

If the majority of Michael Jackson fans join our initiative, and if everybody who ever wanted to visit or visited the ranch in the past 10 years make it possible for us to buy the ranch, then with the help of many small donations, we guarantee that we’ll find a way to open Neverland to visitors. We believe that after more than a decade, this is the first real chance for fans to step into the ranch where Michael Jackson once lived. This is also the last chance for us to save Neverland.

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